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The Sissy’s Lament
Just speaking truth to power.
Rope With A String

All things exist between worlds larger and smaller.

This rewrite of Ethan Frome entertains the notion that in a friendship or relationship between two people, an unconscious and mutually created third can arise unwelcome between them.
Correio da má Noticia

The phrase that is the title of this song came from the book Forest of Visions by Alex Polari de Alverga. It translates as “post office of bad news.” The singer says he’s not going back there.
History Lesson

The blues form is full of sexual innuendo. This song is a send up of that tradition. The tip off as to the location of the tongue is in the title and the numerous historical references --- Anne Frank, Manifest Destiny, etc. There is nothing personal in the song except in the third verse, which is about a photogenic cat.

Written on a scrap of paper up against an abandoned refrigerator that used to be in the courtyard outside the Wiggle Room. It was 2004, between sets at a Buttercup performance. An oilcan is introduced in the song as a possible counteractive to the forces of entropy, which normally drive a closed system toward disorganization.
Just Like Hello

An image from a James Ensor painting is brought into context with characters in the not very good movie, The Tin Star and in the epic, if tedious, movie El Cid. Later on, the singer of the song is found to be standing in a meadow on the edge of a rotating planet, ecstatically happy to be alive.
Sincere empathy for soldiers; with a dose of gallows humor.
Sometimes people try to encase others in an image in order to not see them.
Michele and Arlene

In the late fifties/early sixties I was always listening to my sister’s records. Baby Sittin’ Boogie was just one of many. A few decades later I wrote this --- but I never had the kind of sitter described in the song --- mine was always more into behavior modification. At least until she fell asleep watching Gunsmoke.
I've heard several interpretations of this song --- what's yours?

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