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Hills Snyder, as told to Fidel Tasgarbo:

I’m not a singer-songwriter. David Halley and Butch Hancock do that well. I like psychedelic records like Electric Music For The Mind and Body and At The Mountains of Madness. Garage music — The Standells, Shadows of Knight, Paul Revere and The Raiders. Dylan and Donovan, these are not singer-songwriters, they are Shakespearian giants. X, Black Flag, Patti Smith — remember, the first Punk was made by people my age. I’ve been DIY since I was 10, drawing and making things out of scraps. E. F. Schumacher. More accomplished psychedelic music like Jefferson Airplane and The Doors. That Quicksilver song Pride of Man. All the British Invasion bands, including The Kinks, that “didn’t get to invade.” Beatley folk music, The Byrds, Love. Jazzy Spirit and Traffic. Fripp, The Mothers, Tristan Fabriani. Stravinksy's Rite of Spring. Sinatra's The Wee Small Hours of The Morning. Alfred Hitchcock. Fairport Convention must be singled out. Male voices like Johnny Cash and Lee Hazelwood.  Intelligent takes on Appalachia like Gillian Welch. Kate would certainly mention The Dead and and Scott Joplin. Caralyn comes from theatre. She would also emphasize Donovan and the Airplane. Erik, Joe and odie have touched everyone. Recording my songs was Joe’s idea, not sure I ever would have otherwise. We use a semi-vérité style, everyone playing at the same time, sometimes with added instruments here and there. Mostly 1, 2 or 3 takes. Our albums are literally records --- documents of what happened.

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